The Maryland Broadband Map

Building Coverage, Connection,
and Choice

High speed Internet access, also known as broadband, helps you quickly find services, products, and resources that can enhance your life and business in a variety of ways. However, many of Maryland’s citizens and businesses, especially those in rural areas, do not have access to broadband. We are working to improve this situation.

With federal grant funding, a team led by the Maryland Broadband Cooperative has mapped the areas where broadband is already available in order to identify unserved and underserved areas.


  • Over 7 GB of broadband availability data collected from over 50 different providers, validated, and delivered to the NTIA semi-annually for the past 5 years. Informs planners, decision-makers, businesses, and citizens about the availability of a location's connectivity and trends in connectivity over time.
  • Broadband connectivity data for over 13,500 community anchor institutions collected. First statewide comprehensive database of education, public safety, health, government, and non-governmental community facilities.
  • Launched and maintained an interactive mapping website that allows consumers to learn about the broadband availability and speed capabilities at their address.
  • Statewide testing of wireless broadband availability over 3 different years. Only state in the nation to conduct a systematic wireless broadband survey.
  • Developed a Broadband Connectivity Ranking index to improve understanding among decision-makers. A statewide atlas of broadband connectivity by legislative district was published.
  • Completed four comprehensive broadband plans for the rural areas of the State. Process was community-driven and collaborative.
  • Directly helped several businesses, communities, and governments learn how to leverage existing commercially-available broadband assets. Project seeks to strategize about "last-mile" solutions for all types of clients.
  • Over 2.2 million address points conflated from 22 of the 24 counties in Maryland. Data is not only used for broadband mapping but many state and local initiatives, including public safety.

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